View Full Version : how to re-select object

06-01-2009, 01:06 AM
How do I select object again after I hit 'Enter' to accept the object?


06-01-2009, 04:16 AM
There are no objects in Modeler, just points and polygons arranged in layers. And imho the primitive creation tools don't follow the workflow scheme that should be the norm.

If you have recently created a primitive, to select it, just click to highlight a polygon, then execute the Select Connected command. But you should also be aware that if no specific polygon is selected, everything is considered selected (by many tools).

This might be uninteresting to you, but should any NT developer or influential pro user that agrees with me read this, I'd like to add comments about the workflow scheme. When you add a new point, it is selected. When you make a new polygon, it is selected... Why are they selected? Because it enables the user to manipulate them further immediately after creation. Why then is it not always the case that new geometry is selected. When users create a box primitive, he usually wants to manipulate it further! When users paste geometry he usually wants to manipulate it further (although LWers do this in reverse because the workflow scheme is incorrect, moving the original copy rather than the pasted clone)! So the default workflow scheme should have been to always select (or rather Add to Selection) new geometry so it could be manipulated further immediately after creation.