View Full Version : Viper and FiberFX

05-16-2009, 08:31 PM
Is it just me or has Viper never worked properly with fibers? As soon as I hit the Render button the window goes white-ish and says "Not Responding". Then LightWave is frozen and my only option is to restart it.

05-17-2009, 04:32 AM
it doesnt work the normal way, it generates the whole screen before showing anything, try it out on low fibre counts with simple lighting

05-17-2009, 12:48 PM
Well it seems kind of useless then. I mean I need to show my current fibers, not a different number of them. And I need to show it with my current lighting. Seems it's faster to do a small render, which is about a minute each time. I expect it to work like it does with hypervoxels.