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05-16-2009, 12:59 AM
I'm really not sure if this is an actual FEATURE REQUEST, or just something to consider. If it has any merit, or even if you hate it, I'd like to hear your angle on the story.

It is a fantastic experience to come back to LightWave after my absence -- especially when I see the amazing progress that's been made. It is truly impressive.

I think I see the wisdom in the strategy.

Software development is a complex art, and requires great discipline and clear organization if it is to become truly powerful. I am happy to say that because of what I see, I now believe somebody influential gets this at NewTek. :-)

So in light of the elegance of the recent structural programming, I feel the need to make the comment that Lightwave is also continuing to drag along with it a load of legacy stuff. Some of it seems virtually useless to me, such as "Digital Confusion." LOL

There is a LOT to process when approaching LightWave. And all that older garbage makes the sky kinda crowded on reentry, I gotta tell ya. I'm nursing some bruises here. heh heh

I LOVE Lightwave, and I definitely feel part of the community. Getting such a vibrant community is a great benefit to using Lightwave. Especially with the recent advancements. I am constantly amazed at how brilliant some of the people in the Lightwave community are. Wow.

I don't miss the fact that the reason these brilliant people are drawn to Lightwave is because of its design elegance, and the extended freedom which that brings to other developers and to creative users. This is fertile ground. It's almost like open development. This makes me happy. :-)

Because of the enormous complexity LightWave has become, I've been thinking since coming back, that I would be greatly blessed if I had available to my noob brain another layer in my relationship with LightWave, kind of a "smart zone" layer, where the developers would (with the community's participation and help) suggest "prime" sets of settings for the user for various scenarios, for a place to start in developing various things in LightWave, such as my texture, my render set-up, my character set-up, or whatever. I'm not sure whether this would be anything more than the ability to make "sets" of various preferences, and load them from scene to scene, or what. So when the user suddenly has the need to render in Radiosity with DOF, for instance, he will have an intelligent place to start, along with links to online docs about each part, to help help him efficiently learn how to make intelligent adjustments to the "greatest possible default" settings. Ahem, with the ability to turn it off totally. LOL

If done without malice from the KungFu Masters, this could really make entering the Lightwave Community a lot easier and faster. Frankly, this would also have the very positive effect of making the unusable extremities of Lightwave's Legacy-bag, into a status of less relevant, ultimately to be dropped from the number of things a new user has to learn about, try, and reject.

Who knows, maybe this whole idea could be as simple as moving more old crap into the Legacy Directory, I don't know. LOL Good methods are passed around like a hot new piece of knowledge on various forums. In order to learn some of these things quickly, you almost have to get lucky.

Anyway, when I saw myself beginning the process of compiling my own sets of settings, it just occurred to me that if this helps me, it might help others too, if it could somehow become centrally located, such as a new layer in the app itself. And if you could turn it off, who could it hurt?

Power with Simplicity, Baby. :-)

Thanks for listening. I LOVE Lightwave. :-)

Highest Regards,