View Full Version : issolving multiple objects with time offset

05-14-2009, 08:07 PM

wondered for some time,
is this the fastest way of dissolving multiple objects with a time offset?

make the model in 1 layer, make sure it is uwelded in the right places
(so that it has seperate pieces)

now run the distribute plugin that comes with crackit

this will automatically copy each piece to it's own layer.
(so you will have 150 layers or so i guess)

now bring the model to layout

in layout open the scene editor
select all the different pieces (objects)
click on property, change from "bone basics" to "object render options"
here you have "object dissolve"

click on the envelope "E" and start setting the percentage and frames.

sorry, fastest way i can think of at the moment.

this was my answer to this post,

(video of manually tweaking the dissolve attached below)