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05-13-2009, 12:46 AM
I dont know from where to start, but one of my BEST games ever, and best characters of all times, Legacy of Kain series, and Raziel as the character, may not be finished after all!

Heres the story

So there are these pillars that stretch indefinitely up to the stars, and indefinetely to the bottom of the earths core. And thus keep everything in balance. And it was put there as a powerful magic to banish the Hylden from earth!

Once The Vampire and the Hylden race were living in peace, until the appearance of an Elder God came. It was unvisible to almost all, and it fed on souls, thus self claimed to own the wheel of life, feeding on the souls of the dead and returning them back to an meaningless life again in order to feed them once more after they die. See! Thats why life is meaningless! Its the doings of Elder God of course, otherwise it wouldve been very meaningful! There! One existential given puzzle solved right there ;)

The Hylden realized what it was, and that it was no God. The Vamps did not. So they made the Pillars that banished the Hylden race in an hellish paralel universe. As a response, the Hylden cursed the Vampire race with immortality, thus putting a halt to the Elder Gods feeding plans!

So the Elder God 'moralizes' the Vamps to making suicide just so hed feed, saying that they have betrayed the wheel of fate an all. Most did so, but someone had to take care of the pillars, thus they started involving humans in it.

Elder God charmed the humans to a such a degree that they made an army to fight of the Vamps aswell. Essentially Elder God is a capitalistic soul feeding parasite, that wants to progress even further the death of everyone, so as to feed more. So he plots all kinda wars. It is then that Blood Omen 1 serie takes place that you can follow here:


Basically, Kain is selected to take the place of Aerial, the Balance Pillar protector. Its the best chair for pillars and such. But, Moebious, the Time Streamer, under Elder Gods plots, organizes it all so as in the end, if Kain kills himself, he would end an entire race of vampires, cause he was the last. But in doing so, the last pillar would be uncorrupt aswell, thus the imagined peace again would follow. Thus they assume that he of course doesnt kills himself for greater good, and the pillars shatter, bringing back the Hylden to take the revenge on Vamps and humans alike, against the Elder God.

Then you have Blood Omen 2 series


Where he fights off the Hylden, and retraps them there on their paralel dimension once more.

But afterwards, though Kain wins and makes an empire of vampires, with the pillars down the whole world goes corrupt and decays regardless!

So Kain makes a few studies in Hylden history, and comes out with the prophecy that a winged vampire has a chance of helping Kain seeing who the master mind of all this decay was - The Elder God. And then my favorite characters of all times comes:


The process of helping Kain is indeed a painful one, and you see the make of Raziel there. For the suffering Raziel hunts Kain throughout that serie, and in this third Serie, Soul Reaver 2


Raziel learns that he always got to kill Kain in however much time Kain traveled in time there. Thus, Kain manages to persuade Raziel not to be a puppet of hate, and ultimately a puppet of Elder God this time! At this serie you get to see just who ultimately profted from an entire world decaying. Here you could see the Elder God overenjoying himself, like an overfed cockraoch inside your fridge, while all the worlds souls were all drawn to his 'stomach', while the whole world was dying! So with a few time travellings here and there, Raziel controls himself and doesnt kills Kain, for which he is rewarded by not beeing stuck inside Kains sword the Blood Reaver for all eternity!

And then Raziel learns about his purpose, that after elevating himself with a pure uncurropt spirit reaver, and if he enters the sword of Kain regardless of entrapment there for all eternity he gets to help Kain by making him see the Elder God, cause he was always invisible to all but Raziel!

All this in Defiance


And Kain FINALLY, at the demise of my most favorite character of all time, sees hope! And they stop there for good! I havent heard from them ever since, but there is a movement, and there is a petition, which is why Ive wrote this all to you, and what I would like YOU, if interested to sign the petition down there:


So as we could see what may happen with the story afterwards!

I am all open for questions that you may have regarding this LOK - Legacy of Kain series

But the petition for the later series named The Dark Prophecy looks very good.

And LW was used somewhere along those lines! I know cause I saw a Kain image that came with LW.

05-14-2009, 12:01 AM
Hey Cool! Im seeing 7 people have petitioned :thumbsup:


Well, dont be shy to leave a comment :) So as we know who you are, and why you did it :)

Or why you dont want to...

05-14-2009, 04:41 AM
Good luck with the petition, looks like a cool game!! Will sign up later, kinda busy presently.


05-14-2009, 03:06 PM
Just signed. I loved these games, but haven't been able to play the last couple. It would be good to see the series get an ending. Granted, from a company standpoint, they hate to do this. Limits options in the future.

05-14-2009, 07:21 PM
Signed. I loved the storyline of this series.

05-15-2009, 12:07 AM
The Elder God's voice actor is dead sadly! Wonder what will they do for that problem if this petition goes high enough!

And I always wondered! What kind of a name is Raziel? Is it Christian, Catholic, Orthodox maybe? Or even Jewish perhaps! Im saying, cause Raziel so much sounds like Israel! And have thought that perhaps theres some sort of political flavoir to it!

05-15-2009, 12:22 AM
Just signed. I loved these games, but haven't been able to play the last couple. It would be good to see the series get an ending. Granted, from a company standpoint, they hate to do this. Limits options in the future.

Youve missed alot in not playing Borkus!

You are so concentrated in that goal of yours, that forget to ease up every know and then and relax a bit and play :)

Kain or Raziel?

05-16-2009, 01:28 AM
And something for our fellow music compositors:


Oza Midrashim did its best to boost SOul Reaver 1 Serie there!

Any proffesional musical opinion about that?

05-30-2009, 01:13 AM
Does anybody knows how much is good enough of grounds for someone to invest in the making of a game? Well LOK in this case?

How many should there be? Its nearly 800 now!

05-30-2009, 10:43 AM
One million should be enough. Clearly there will be many people who sign and do not intend to purchase or intend to but their financial situation will have changed when the game is released, but there will also be others who don't sign and will be compelled to purchase when they see the results. So it balances out. One million prospective sales will not make any investor jump, considering the cost of a AAA title, but it gives them enough of a safety net to give it a go.

06-01-2009, 03:16 AM
A milion?

My God, thats such a small number in comparison at present then!

Considering that its in the internets, a world wide event, the numbers should make it till milion, but its taking too long!

What do you think is wrong with the series?

Or is it a badly advertized petition campaign to begin with?