View Full Version : Looking for interactive flash person

05-12-2009, 02:22 PM
I need someone that can create a self-contained, interactive flash file for a project.

The client currently has a .swf which demonstrates some street lighting. The user has the option of turning lights on and off at different intensities or watching a selection of sequences which shows the system in action when a light fails and a message is sent to an engineer.

It's quite basic, using a pre-rendered background image with overlaid lighting and overlaid graphics. What will be required for this project is an overall spruce up with improved graphics and navigation. The file must also be available in 4 languages, selectable from the start.

If you're interested or know someone that might be, please send me an email through the eggbox website with examples of similar work and experience. Preference will go to UK residents as I need to be in communication with them during work hours.