View Full Version : Firewire Problem

08-20-2003, 12:23 AM
Anytime I try to switch or playback firewire thru the toaster, I get a glitch every 50 seconds....and it's continuous every 50 seconds.

I'm running a supermicro with 2 gig rdram, dual xeon 2.0's and nvidia geforce 2 mx400 with latest nvidia drivers and direct x 9.0b
along with Win2000 and service pack 4 and T3.

I think DVAPP captures dv fine, but toaster has a problem with it.

I have the D-Link firewire card and can only get 1 firewire signal into the computer at once. When I activate the 2nd deck...both lock up...then when I turn off the 1st deck....the 2nd one works.

I checked D-Link website and couldn't find any recent drivers. I also tried changing many settings in my hardware setup in control panel. Nothing helps.

I can capture via analog and compress to DV with Main Concept and this works, but I do need to switch 2 sources...and since toaster's analog is 1 source, I still need DV.

Everything seems to work fine in T2.