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04-30-2009, 09:08 AM
I've been a Lightwave guy since the early Amiga days, and I've managed to collect a huge number of models over that time. I'm trying to get all of this cleaned up and usable, but all these old content directories and projects, object surfaces, plug-ins--you know, the tons of stuff that I've spent countless hours building--has become a nightmare to use.

Now my presets don't show up, there are countless plug-ins that don't work with later versions of the software, etc. Newtek technical support suggested that I just wipe everything and start over, but that sounds a little too much like a very blunt instrument approach. Does anyone know of a listing of the desired directory structure for Lightwave now? We use to create blank "project" directories with empty images, objects, etc, child directories then copy over surfaces, etc for that particular project into the "content" directory, but we ended up with thousands of copies of the same surface, images, etc. in all these little subdirectories. Wasteful and not too elegant.

I really appreciate any help. We are currently running Lightwave 9.6 Win64.