View Full Version : Capture doesn't write on Options Change?

04-18-2009, 08:32 PM
Hey all -

I was recording a live show using VT5.2b's Capture utility when I went to look at the options of the capture. After checking the options and not altering anything, I hit "Okay".

All of a sudden, the capturing stopped with the message "Capture properties have been changed". It'd be fine if the capturing had just stopped, except that the capture didn't finish writing the half-hour of video that it had been recording, either. Foolishly, I then restarted recording (live show, plus I figured I could find it later) which, as I would realize later, would delete the ever-so-valuable temp file.

So, my question is two-part: Is there any way to alter VT5 to continue capturing when nothing in the options has been changed?/Why does it do that??

Also: I tried a couple programs to try and get the data back (Restoration & FreeUndelete) but neither found any files that had been recently deleted (seems odd to me). Any other ideas?

Many Thanks,

Trevor Rice
Station Manager
Rice University Student Television