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04-12-2009, 05:33 PM
Does anyone have suggestions for how I would have a pencil in lightwave drawing a picture? Like I was thinking recording me drawing it in Corel paint using a screen capture but then I don't know how to put that video in background of pencil and sync the movements up.

Help really soon would be much appreciated!!!!

04-12-2009, 05:36 PM
you could composite it with a mix of flash , and after effects using the motion tracking , i think theres an easier way , using dynamics but someone here should answer that hopefully quickly , they like a challenge :) GL

04-12-2009, 06:00 PM
Look in the tutorial vids on the newtek site...I seem to recall something like this.

04-12-2009, 06:05 PM
I looked but didint find any. I really need to finish this by tonight, procrastination kills!!!

04-12-2009, 06:15 PM
By tonight? That's insane if you have to use Lightwave only...

If you can do it with Flash check youtube for tutorials, there are some really simple ones that do just this.

04-12-2009, 06:16 PM
I could be dead wrong about this, but maybe make the animation an image sequence and map it to a piece of paper in your LW scene, using sequence instead of a still.
Then take a pencil model and move its pivot point to the tip, so it will rotate from the tip and not the center and stay on your "paper".
Then make a null and parent the pencil to that, always keeping it at the leading edge of the drawing as it happens. You can rotate the pencil a little here and there to give it more realistic motion, but move it by moving the null object and not the pencil object.
I don't know how well that would work, but at least you'd get shadows on your paper from the pencil. ;-)

If you aren't already familiar with how to do these things I mentioned, I'd forget about tonight as a reasonable deadline if I were you. ;)

04-12-2009, 06:18 PM
Ok that makes sense I was already planning on using a null for less framing but the image sequence thing what do you mean by that?

04-12-2009, 06:26 PM
In the surface editor you can load an image sequence instead of a single image, if you want. It would probably be best if you used planar mapping on the Y, assuming your paper was facing straight up. Or probably a simple UV map would be better.
An image sequence is an animation broken down into individual frames. that's all an animation is anyway, but first you'd need to be able to break your animation down into those individual frames, or save it out from your screen cap software as a sequence and not an animation.
I honestly don't know if LW can import an animation and map it to something. Seems like it should be able to, but I have no idea. best bet would probably be uncompressed single frame images though.

04-12-2009, 06:33 PM
Remember though my initial disclaimer: I could be dead wrong about all this. ;) I never tried anything like this before.
I'm just saying, this is how I would go about it first, then ask questions if I had troubles.

04-12-2009, 06:33 PM
So how does it do an image sequence with AVI? or what casue I loaded an AVI but it keeps same image from one frame to the next. It looks like it might work

EDIT: Looks like thats working

04-12-2009, 06:41 PM
If you want your LW animation to generate the text you could use this Pen texture plug-in.


But if your text is a pre-made sequence then using the sequence as a background or texture to trace is the way to go.

04-12-2009, 06:56 PM
Try this scene.

04-12-2009, 07:06 PM
That scene does not do anything cause there is no included pulgin Amelie and also no Hellocurve.

04-13-2009, 07:48 AM
So how is it coming along? Did any of this help?

04-13-2009, 02:51 PM
If I had to do it I would try to draw out the motion file in modeler.
Or you could do it in illustrator and import it into modeler.
Use export path to motion
Do the animation with the pen and null like discussed above.
Load the motion file to the null and tweak the timing of the animation.
Select null and load> load motion file to get the animation
Render it as 32 bit image sequence to get the alpha
Next in after effects
Bring in the image sequence and the image used for the signature.
You may have to do some tweaking with the scale
Create an animated mask that fallows the motion of the pen that will reveal the ink as the pen moves.
I would also have the signature layer separate from the background

You may need a plug in that will recreate the camera data in AE if you cant get it to line up correctly.
I think I will try this and see if it works
Good luck

04-13-2009, 03:46 PM
Ya I did figure it out and got it to work using the video as a texture sequence and loading it like that. If I had taken the time I could have then used a null and traced the drawing as it went along cause I hooked the video to Lightwave frames but since I was pressed for time and had to finish the rest of the renders as well I went ahead and changed the scene so it just shows it being drawn on paper.

So thank you guys for your suggestions I could not have done it without your guys help!

04-13-2009, 04:05 PM
Cool. :)

04-13-2009, 04:52 PM
Hmm, this makes me want to try this using a particle emitter at the end of the pencil. I bet if you make the particles fine enough you could get a really cool scratchy pencil look.

04-13-2009, 05:29 PM
I tried to do a crude version of it and was successful. I did find out that you can’t use curves that we not drawn natively in modeler as motion files. Also try to keep as few points as possible it is harder to tweak the animation with a lot of key frames created by the motion file. I used Spline Draw to create the spline used for the motion file. Also if you have breaks in the lettering do those as separate animations and put them together in AE.

I’m going to now try the one that worked for you
Wish me luck

04-13-2009, 09:25 PM
Bum, I must have been tired. Here's the curve. Try it now.