View Full Version : New to this Serial/License/Dongle. I got questions

04-10-2009, 11:02 PM
I assume you can install LW on more than one machine, but you can't run more than one at a time thanks to the Dongle.

But this whole registration for license key has me confused, as it askes what cpu and a special code reported by the software, 4 digits.

I did a test install on my tablet while waiting for a new computer to arrive.

---PROBLEM: But I get the License key not found message. The machine has 64bit Windows 7 public beta. I installed 64bit LW 9.6, it installed the dongle drivers automatically (but never asked to restart like instructions said)

I attached the dongle, it found the drivers. I opened modeler and got the message to jot down the number, 4 digits if I recall. Then on my other PC I went online and registered (tablet has internet access though), used the 4 numbers, serial, told it AMD cpu, 64bit, and got my license key fine.

Then I finished the registration software on the tablet, which it says it generated a license file or along those lines successfully. But LW still runs in discovery mode claiming no license was found, still giving the 4 digits.

----QUESTION: Anyway, I have to figure that out. But also, when I get my new intel desktop next week, 64bit Vista. Will I register again and choose 64bit and Intel CPU this time? or Install LW and Drivers and just use the same License Key?

04-14-2009, 08:00 AM
For win 32 bit (no matter if its AMD or Intell) you can use the same licence key, but I beleive you have to register again for the 64 bit version of LW.