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04-06-2009, 07:22 AM
Ok firstly i cant write an essay to save myself , i have nearly finished it but i need quotes / reference from users to add to my peice , so i thought i would ask the proffesonal " thats you people " ! heres the brief any info or insight would be good , i dont want you to answer the essay only give me your take on it or suggestions .

Cheers !

For this assignment you are required to produce a discursive essay which considers the development and application of the special effects process known as matting.

You should structure your essay as follows:
Overview of the technique and its inception
Highlight notable uses of matting through reference to film and/or television productions
Critically analyse the process and consider the appropriateness of how it has been applied in your examples.
Consider how this technique has developed into the modern age with digital matting.
Make conclusions based on your research, commenting on the usefulness of the process to the effects industry and how you could apply matting within your own effects work.

Your essay should be typed in a font no less than 12 point. You should use a line spacing of at least 1.5 lines.

Your work should be illustrated throughout. Reference from texts and sources you have accumulated in your literature study should be listed appropriately in your bibliography.

You should not use wikipedia as a reference source nor quote from the lecture slides. You are encouraged to make use of the library facilities and where possible your references should come from books. All sources should be listed in the bibliography including books, journals, periodicals, audio visual productions and websites.

Where possible your work should be divided into paragraphs and the written word should preferably be in the third person. You should provide quotes to back your discussion, providing reference to source material through your bibliography.

Completed essays should be submitted to the student office in E217 no later than 4pm on Friday 10th April 2009.

Plagiarism will be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately, potentially resulting in referral to the plagiarism panel. Your work should be 100% your own excepting references and illustrations.

This assessment contributes 40% of the overall mark for the module.

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I have a book named "Digital Compositing for Film and Video" by Steve Wright. It is a few years old, so there's likely a newer edition - but it has a lot of interesting nitty gritty on mattes and the internal mechanics of keyers ... just in case you are looking for reference material.

04-08-2009, 06:47 AM
creative cow
amazon books

you'll need to have early hand matte's from film day's in 40's 50's including ray harryhausen
matte paintings for expansive backgrounds...also the matte rear projection technique used on 'the bird's from hitchcock.

as well as starwars 70's mattes for the spaceships and traveling mattes and then move on to digital mattes with the matrix as reference as well as star wars ep1..with this you need to also look into digital tracking...last time i taught this to a college
clas i got some of the starwars ep 1 footage and we matted in a character from another scene...student's loved it as they all created a new edit of starwars on their pc's using combustion!

also reference the re issue on dvd of the early 70's-80's starwars films with new matte clean ups and new scenes added in.

right upto avatar which is in production now.

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Two books that I own and love might help:



Maybe a really good library would have them?

Also check out http://fxguide.com/