View Full Version : Hereīs my tiny weenie itsy bitsy suggested improvements to lw 9 cycle before discoun

04-03-2009, 06:55 PM

I would of course gladely see a distance between particle parameter in hypervoxels and some metaball blending in volume mode ala dynamite and a fireshader to go along with it, but that goes beyond this thread.

and here we stand now,that wonīt happen of course for lightwave 9 cycle
and newtek has pushed it as far as they can right.

oki doki..so hereīs what I call my tiny weenie itsy bitsy suggested improvements based on that they perhaps shouldnīt be that difficult to polish up the oldie lightwave sucker before it hits the grave, You know itīs always nice to look good at the funeral.

lets see..hmm..

1. a global scale slider or button for or value scale channels why enter it 3 times if you want the same values overall?..speeds things up itsy bitsy.

2. a grid on off at the display options at the viewports buttons, much easier to acess and control..or at least itsy bitsy.

3. camera target option..wouldnīt that save some itsy bitsy time instead of adding null and go through the motion options and select it, most other apps has it.

4. subdivision wireframe render..yeah I know thereīs some colour plugin out there..but wouldnīt it speed things up,(itsy bitsy) just activate it in the object properties or render panel.

5. perspective render..not to be confused with perspective camera..this simply renders out your perspective view, and Yah..there might be a plugin somewhere to I think.

6 Ohh..by the way, those envelope E buttons..I often accidently click on them when moving to fast setting sliders....I think the E button could be moved to the left side, or better yet move the sliders to the left side.

I think thatīs it..Ohh..no..

7. get a full properties tool bar for items, motion,surfaces etc.

I probably got some more, but I leave that out for the rest of you guys and girls if You kindly want to add in some Itsy bitsy stuff..Remember no big difficult changes.

I sure do wantī to work with 9.6 as smoothly as I can while waiting for
core to be ready, Im not jumping inside the core yet Newtek.

and yeah Ive heard the statements, no further development except bug fixes and support, Itīs just My itsy Bitsy tiny brain not connecting:)