View Full Version : Layout scrambles screen and emitter won't apply

08-18-2003, 04:39 AM
My subject line pretty much covers it.

Layout scrambles screen and emitter won't apply.

Does anyone else have these problems? I tossed in emitter won't apply even know it's little(and not annoying) cause that's when my screen scrambled to all different colors, while I was playing with the emitter.

Alot of the time when I make an emitter thru the add - FX - FXemitter it will auto add the null then pop up "emitter can't be applied" and I have to manually add it in the null object properties. Is there a setting I can change or something little I can do to fix this?

The main problem(right now) is the layout scrambling :mad: I'm sitting here working on my scene and with no warning it scrambles. I think it's random but this time it happened while working with particles. When it scrables it's almost imposible to see anything, I can see where the cursor is and kind of see where the windows are but it mostly just blinks fuzzy crap all over.

I love Lightwave but Layout has just enough instability problems to be really annoying at times. On the other hand I can't remember the last time modeler crashed or had a problem.

Proton seemed to be really excited at Siggraph when he had been running lightwave all day and it only crashed once. Right after the fact that he had pointed out it had been running smooth all day, heh. I really hope they work out all the instability bugs by the time 8 is ready to ship. Because even with a million new cool tools it's still going to be really annoying when you have to restart your computer cause layout keeps crashing or some other problem.

Anyway, I'm on pc version, 7.5c, and I'm running a radeon on a home PC not a notebook. Anyone else have a screen scrambling problem or know how to fix it?


[edit] oh and I'm running windows 2k (service pack 2)...Like knowing that is going to help :rolleyes:

08-18-2003, 07:46 AM
You might want to check your video drivers. LW uses OpenGL and some video drivers have given problems.

08-18-2003, 08:00 AM
Blame not LW for the inadequacies of your graphics card !
- just a guess, but I that's usually the problem.

How many windows is your display trying to show, how many of them are trying to render surfaces (rather than wireframes) ?
It is very easy to forget that your average tv render is 720x486=what the digital camera bucks would call 0.3 megapixels. and we expect to wait several minutes to render a frame. If your monitor is on 1280x1024, that's 1.3 megapixels, and you'r asking it to draw 85 times a second on the fly.
How many hundred dollars did you spend on the graphics card,
have you installed the latest drivers ?

08-18-2003, 11:36 AM
I think I have the most updated drivers for my card, updated them a month ago maybe.

LOL, I expected a response like this (adrian). My radeon cost me 300 bucks. And I shoulda said the following in my first post, kinda did when I said modeler doesn't mess up...

Layout is the number one thing that my machine has problems with. How can I blame the graphics card when it's(layout) pretty much the only thing that has a problem. Photoshop doesn't have a problem, modeler doesn't, most of the games don't have a problem ( actually none that I can think of right now ) and as you know games run in openGL or direct 3d so I'm sure my graphics card is a pretty descent card.

On the other hand if Newtek knows what's wrong and if Layout doesn't like my card and they can tell me that and hopefully a way to fix it. Otherwise if worse comes to worse and they know it's my card I can buy one that they would suggest, cause I don't want to go pick one out that has problems with it!!

Until then, I can only say I'm almost 100 percent positive it's not my card, it's some programing bug in layout.

For my next machine I'm just going to have to ask Newtek what they run for their high end machines, cause if they are running them and Lightwave doesn't work with them you can be sure that the patches they send out will cover that machine!!


Oh, and how did you get that I was trying to get a TV render out of it??? Cause I wasn't rendering anything. When I said TV i was comparing the fuzz on the screen to the fuzz on a tv channel that has no signal. Course most new TVs show blue screen now when there's no signal but you get my point.