View Full Version : To use Poser or Not?

08-17-2003, 08:40 AM
Being that it can cut back time for those who don't have alot of LW made characters stored or SKILLS to do it, is the use of Poser adviced?
What is folks feeling about using Poser to do characters for lightwave?
Before I drop $$ into Poser or time into learning human modelling in LW what is folks advice on the subject?
Or is the use of Poser a well kept secret for most people?
Thanks in advance

08-17-2003, 10:31 AM
Poser is good for making background people, using the walk cycle and various poses (like sitting in a resturaunt and such).And because of the extremly wide amount of textures and clothes everywhere on line for them.

Poser for working with closely... another thing entirely.

The poser people are output with too many polygons to effectively animate with bones tho the morphs work great. The creases in joints with bones for closeup animation don't look good, unless you take the time to make morphs directly affected by your bone movement.

Having said that..

poser people (and the animals) are really good models to work with if you want to select points (say along the arms or legs or face) make them into splines, and then set the poly count as you wish, and build your own models.
Because the models (human and animal) are pretty much anatomicaly correct and the shape of them are excellent.(like muscles, chests (male and female), fingers). And the sizes can be set in Poser (muscle sizes and such) they give a good base to start your splining.

excellent for fill in people
not so good for animating
good for base modeling

hope that helps

and yes..poser is probably sitting on lots of desks that go unmentioned:D