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Graham Nichols
08-17-2003, 07:46 AM
OK, so I'm modelling a car using spline patching. I just want to touch base with you guys to see if I'm going in the right direction or not.

So to model a wheel arch I would:

1) Create two Bezier curves. One for the outer arch and another for the 'crease' of the arch.
2) Draw two spines to touch the four vertices of the two arches.
3) Use CTL-w to weld the point together.
4) Apply a spline patch.

5) Create another Bezier curve for the inner rim of the wheel arch, use the previous 'crease' arch and create another two splines to join the two.
6) Spline patch the four curves with the same division parameters at the first.

Now we have the inner and outer of the wheel arch in two pieces.

7) Cut and past all the splines to another layer for safe-keeping.
8) Hit CTL-w several times to weld the points of the two arch seams together at all mating vertices, and voila a wheel arch!

However, although this looks fine (so far). I am aware that the numbers of 1-point and 2-point polys are building in the statistics window. A previous post illustrated their horrible effect on my nice curvy model. So, how can I eliminate this please? Where does my technique fall down?

kind regards,


08-17-2003, 08:17 AM
couple of things that sometimes happen here to look for.

when merging points, the ends of a newly made patch don't wuite match up, so even tho they look merged, when ya 'tab' there will be rounded edges, they have to be manualy welded,

also I always try a merge polys, just in case there are doubled polys (not often but once in a while)

the single points I just highlight and delete

the 2 pointers usually go away when an object is 'closed off' as they are usually the ones on the edge of a model.

just an observation