View Full Version : Exposure and Limit Range in Image Filter

08-17-2003, 02:55 AM
Hi Wavers.

I have a question that puzzled me for some time now. When Rendering with FP-Image Buffer and then trying to adjust the exposure from the FP-image buffer it looks fantastic and very intutive.

Now if I want the setting to affect all the rendered frames I just take the settings I did in the FP-Image buffer and apply them as HD exposure filter in the Image Filters section. Now here my problems, two things happen depending on choice.

1- IF applied straight ahead I'll get different results than the FP setting I used. I mean completly different with Artifacts..

2- If I checked Limit Dynamic Range, well the I have to apply different settings to the Filter to try to achive the settings I made using FP, and that dosn't always work as FP. Also Artifacts.

The strange thing about both way is the strange artifact I get with both way. In FP it takes allot of great values to produces such artifacts, by Artifacts I mean over exposed areas that turn to green ot red or any other Bright color not present in the image. Like a negative effect. Of course with Limit Dynamic Range it's chances to accur is smaller but still it does even with small value. Like I said in order to achive a similar result to FP I have to use Small values and some times it's significant' it seems as though the FP mode can tolerate higher or extreme variasions but the image filter doesn't. It takes small amount to produce these artifact.

anyway, Can any one tell me who to deal with this. I hear allot of talk about not using Limit Dynamic Range. but if I don't my image will be blown out in a negative way. Is there any guidlines out there for it?

One last question. Should I use Virtual Darkroom with Limit Dynamic Range or without?

Thanks in advance