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08-16-2003, 06:13 PM
...a HYBRID disc format.

I was just noting this in a response to a different thread and think NT can use the Heads-Up here...

A few months ago I had to build a PC specifically for use with LW due to too many issues with LW-MAC for my liking. It was either that or drop LW. That event has turned LW into a $ pit for me, for now and I'm very skeptical if I'll invest yet hundreds more into LW8 until I can recoup some budgeting and/or NT takes care of some things with LW8 that are more likely to make the next paying gig happen where as without it is less likely, but that's to be seen and really for other forum threads.

This thread is in regards to the Installer CD NT plans on developing for LW8 when it goes Golden. When I built the PC here for LW I also had to swap (buy) a DUO USB dongle (because the one I had was MAC specific) AND a separate PC Installer CD from NT. The whole experience was a PITA... Now eventually, IF I upgrade to LW8, I think with as many of us now having to work from both platforms (I still have to work from a MAC PowerBook when on the road) I think NT needs to start shipping ALL it's Installer CDs as a "Hybrid" CDs so we're not juggling around two different CDs AND having to forking out even more for use of two different CDs because we're now in a "DUO" work environment.

Just my .02

Oh yeah, IF "speculation" has it that LW8 will be an electronic download for both platforms in order to save $ so my above request is not an issue that's NOT cool either. I understand the need to save on printed manuals and I don't mind using the newer HTML and PDF manuals, BUT if upgrades cost us hundreds I see no reason why a NT released CD that costs pennies (when done in bulk) can not be provided. I don't know that'll be the case, I just wanted to state in advance that IF that were to be the suggestion it's NOT cool...

Again, just my .02


08-18-2003, 09:07 AM
This is where I get confused. I upgraded from LW 5.6 back when 7.0b had just been released. I automatically got a DUO disk set and a free-of-charge exchange of a USB dongle for the parallel port. This came from a UK distributor and the package came from NewTek Europe.

Have things changed since then so that NewTek charges for the dongle exchange? I believe they used to make a charge if you absolutely required the same dongle ID in the new dongle as was in the old dongle, but that's all I was aware of until now.

08-18-2003, 10:46 AM
I did not request or require an exchange of a dongle with the same ID. In fact, upon receiving the new DUO dongle I still had to call in and obtain a new license key code for both platforms.

As I understand it only if you're "upgrading" the app at the same time then YES the dongle swap extra charge$ are waived, BUT I had to build a PC rig and get things rolling on a system without the need for an upgrade since I already had LW7.x (note this was months ago when no upgrade was about). LW7.x was not sent here with both PC and MAC Installer CDs nor did it come with a DUO dongle. I've been notified via others that NT now includes both Installer CDs. That's cool and I guess my initial experiences with getting up and running with LW has been much more of an effort then others due to poor timing on USB key types and Mac issues forcing a switch to a PC all of which have costs more than I had intended on spending.

It sounds as though it's a smoother start-up experience for most on both platforms now so some of what I noted above is not as much an issue as I had thought new LWrs might also be dealing with. However, the point that the Installer CDs could be on one "Hybrid" disc still stands for the future LW Installer releases. I take such Installer CDs with me when traveling in case of a hard drive problems that could force a re-install and I could see it now I accidentally pack the wrong platform CD and be mucking about with yet another set up issue. Having a Hybrid developed disc could avoid that possibility.

Just a suggestion... ;)


08-19-2003, 03:42 AM
As Phil pointed out, LightWave's two versions are both supplied in the box when you buy LightWave 7.5, but the reregistering for both the Mac and PC versions is necessary because the USB dongle gives a different number for Macs and PCs. It's not our fault, honest! :)