View Full Version : pull lw back together.

02-25-2003, 01:17 PM
All Iím hoping for with the future of lw is a heavy round of clean up. There are so many plugins been added to lw I think it's getting close to suffering from it. Not that these plugins are not helpful, some I wouldn't know what to do without. I'll just start with modeler I think everyone sees all the amazing plugin being developed over at dstorm. If there isn't already, there should be someone at newtek working with dstorm to make all these into one section of modeler or layout to make a COMPLETE rigging mode not a plugin here and a plugin there. Modular is great up to a point I think it's time to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Right know it kind of looks like a jigsaw puzzle and only the most talented and interested user can see the picture before the peaces are in place.
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that magic bevel was added and edge tools where not was because it's buggy. So I hope to see in added soon. When you do, don't just add the plugin, incorporate it smoothly, and make it possible to change to edge selection modes.
This brings me to ui issues, the menu system is great I love it but unlock more for us to change. give us more freedom! Allow us to add KBS (key board shortcuts) to top menus tabs so that we can make them either popup up under the mouse or would unhide that set of menus on the side toolbar. That mean you need to give us a way hide top tabs all together. give us the option to set what selection modes the space bar will shuffle through.
layout same deal I don't want to open the global illumination panel over my light panel!!!!!!! I don't want to open five panels just to get to the point constraint plugin only to find a selection pull down as unreadable as the one it has now, in even the most basic character scene. You have a wonderful selection pull down under the look at selection. So if you decide to make a new plugin or add someone elses plugin, it your job to make sure it has the selection menu you worked so hard to have in lw in the first place.
You are going the right direction with allow multiple editing of setting with the surface editor keep going make that work with more of LW. Spreadsheet helps but it doesnít have everything.
There area few rigging app now for lw great. What I would really like to see is more features avalable for making riggs. A really nice muscle bones system would be be a nice start and possibly have skelegons in layout just like modeler with numeric controler over rotation. I would be in heaven.

My final note for this post NO more one way connections though the hub. These are some of the many small things that can make someones day that much shorter and less stressfull than it has to be. Thanks Newtek for an app worth this much involvment keep up the good work.