View Full Version : Web-Based LW & more advanced tutorials?

08-16-2003, 12:32 PM
Dear NewTek! :-]

I am a tech support agent for dial-up connection (PeoplePC for those who are curious). I use the internet ALL DAY because I am in front of a PC ALL DAY. There is no way for me to USE LW @ my work place (unfortunately, =[...). I am a new user of LW and new to Animation and Art all together. I love Art, always have. Never researched the different pieces, and I couldnt tell you bad art from good art, cause I love it all!

I am really ambitious and self-motivated to learn LW, but because of legal contraints at my job, and admin problems, the only resource I have for LW, is the internet. I have looked into tutorials (alot of which involves having quicktime, or some sort of a codec or whatever to view it). Unfortunately, you cant install those things at my work-place. I have however been reading through all the posts at NewTek forum's to gather random bits of info. And I have been chatting with a few NewTek member's. All in all, I would LOVVVEEE to see a more advanced and thorough tutorial/training section.

Also, if you could make a "fun" area/section of NewTek website, hehe, it'll be cool. People could "make" stuff for that area/section (for free of course! =]). As far as what you could make the "fun" area be, thats for others to decide (animations to play with, weird tutorials, many other things).

Oh yea, speaking of which, Job's @ NewTek? Any phone jobs, hehe!? I do tech support, and have alot of call center experience. Well, its been fun, cant wait for the replies!


08-16-2003, 02:15 PM
as far as the "fun" is concerned. I just wanted to say, that, all of NewTek is fun for me!