View Full Version : More specific fresnel curves in node editor

03-12-2009, 07:58 AM
I quite regularly build fresnel curves out of an incidence node and a curve node.
It'd be great if the fresnel curves on the attached jpeg could be included into a node all set up and ready to go. (The top graph is for dielectric reflections, bottom one is for conductor reflections)

Ideally it'd have two outputs: One; the straight result for reflection amount, the other; the same amount inverted for diffuse values.
An input value for the amount of reflectivity would be usefull to include too.
One node with a drop-down menu or check box to switch between dielectric and conductor would be fine. As would a seperate node for each.

For me, it'd be really useful as it'd help build quick and easy shaders when I don't want to use material nodes. (Also, I've not found a way yet to use anisotropic reflections with materials.. I'm open to suggestions)

So anyway, any node-creating guru's out there with time on their hands?