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03-04-2009, 06:45 PM
AGP 8x Graphic Card
$250.00 asking (you can make offer)

3Dlabs Wildcat® Realizm™ 200 AGP 8x Graphic Card

Key Architectural Features
• VPU technology for professional performance with professional results
• Full programmability and floating-point capabilities through the entire graphics processing pipeline
• Seamless 32- to 16-bit and 16- to 32-bit conversion with zero overhead
• AGP 8x interface for fast data transfer through the system bus
• Dual-display, dual-link DVI doubles digital display bandwidth for true 3840 x 2400 resolution capabilities
• 256-bit GDDR3 memory interface for the highest memory performance
• SuperScene multisampling, full-scene antialiasing support
• Texture sizes up to 4 K x 4 K
• Dedicated isochronous channel
• Orthogonal, compiler-friendly SIMD arrays throughout pipeline allowing compilers to deliver optimal performance
• Independent, dual 400 MHz 10-bit DACs
• Supported APIs:
> OpenGL® 2.0 (full support when ratified)
> OpenGL 1.5 with OpenGL Shading Language
> Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 with High Level Shading Language
(HLSL, VS 2.0, PS 3.0)
• Supports optional Wildcat Realizm Multiview card for framelock/genlock capabilities
Programmability Features
• Leading support for OpenGL Shading Language and DirectX 9 HLSL
• Full floating-point programmability
• Optimized floating-point precision at each pipeline stage (36-bit vertices, 32-bit pixels, 16-bit back-end pixel processing) for the highest precision rendering accuracy and fidelity
• 16 programmable 36-bit floating-point vertex shaders supporting:
> Up to 1 K instructions
> Up to 32 light sources
> Subroutines, loops, and conditionals
• 48 programmable 32-bit floating-point fragment shaders supporting:
> Up to 256 K instructions
> Subroutines, loops and conditionals
• Unique final stage programmable pixel shader with 16 programmable 16-bit shaders
Board Physical
• AGP 3.0, single-slot card. Occupies two slots for quiet cooling solution
• Optimized for AGP 8x performance
• Requires auxiliary system power connection
• Compliant with AGP 3.0 graphics electromechanical and power specification
• Consumes 85 Watts of system power
• 512 MB GDDR3 unified memory 256-bit wide interface bus
• 64 KB flashable EEPROM memory for VGA bios and product configuration storage
• Virtual memory support allowing:
> Onboard memory to be used as an efficient L2 cache
> Seamless handling of huge datasets
> Automatic paging out of unused buffers
> Very large individual texture sizes (ex: 4 K x 4 K)
• Compatible with Intel Pentium® 4 and AMD™ Opteron® Processors
• Microsoft Windows® 2000 and Microsoft XP (32- and 64-bit). Windows driver include 3Dlabs Acuity™ Windows Manager
• Red Hat®

04-02-2009, 01:23 PM
Asking $250 for ANYTHING on an AGP bus is ridiculous.

You can do a "Buy Now" for a Realizm 500 for $75.95


04-04-2009, 12:45 AM
Yeah... Unfortunately so. This card used to be great back in the day, heh. I had one just like it for sometime.