View Full Version : Expression problem

03-03-2009, 03:11 PM
I've just recently started getting back into LW. I picked up Inside LW9 and went through it(didn't care for it BTW), then I started going through Inside LW7. I'm in the chapter on 14 expressions and I cannot get this expression to work correctly.

Ablan says to enter the expression as follows:
Apply to each of the individual R,G&B channels, and it should cause the color to change constantly throughout the timeline in the graph editor. I get nothing but my object turning to a constant Darkgrey/Black color. If anyone has the book it is pages 730-731. There is also an illustration(fig.14.14)showing it working with the color curves in a constant state of change whereas mine are flat as a board.

I don't understand how this expression could work as described anyway as it makes no reference to time.