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03-03-2009, 10:56 AM
When capturing video/audio from the source, the audio file being created randomly closes in mid-capture. There is no specific time during capture that this occurs. When capturing a long form program for further editing, the video and audio is being seen and heard, and there is no indication that the audio has dumped out. The audio file is created to a point, then stops. The file is usable to the point of it stopping capture.

This is a random issue. Sometimes the file will capture for the full session. Other times only for a few minutes, still other times for 50 minutes.

We are stopping the capture every 15 minutes to avoid this action. Thanks for your assistance.

VT 4.6 6016
XP SP2 Professional 2002

03-04-2009, 06:03 AM
What is your capture format, RTV or avi?

Use MediaPlayer to check AVI or WAV audio are normal or not. If they are normal, it might be the audio conform issues when VTEdit/DDR load the audio files first time. You can quit VTEdit and DDR, goto the directory contain those clips and find a hidden folder call "NewTek Info". Delete all the files inside "NewTek Info" then back to VTEdit. Drag those clips into timeline and wait until the audio conform complete (timeline show audio wave form). Do not quit VTEdit during audio conforming. That will stop the audio conform process and might cause audio playback abnormally. (I remember NewTek have fix the audio conform issues but I am not sure.)

Hope this help.