View Full Version : Audio Strangeness

02-28-2009, 10:25 PM
I captured The video from a Hi8 through my S-VHS Deck. The format it was saved in was DV. The tape had a few spaces of no picture only static where the camera operator stopped and started the the recording. That showed up as blue screen. I removed the blue and and added X Fade transitions. I can see all the Audio is there. But when I scrub and drop the Time line Cursor on some of them, there is now sound. How ever when I drop the cursor in an area that has sound and just let it play, it plays the sound all the way through. But when i rendered it in Mpeg2, I saw that the audio had dropped out in those same places.
What they hell is going one. It's a 2 hour project and it took all day to render. This kind of delay I just don't need.
Can anyone help me understand what happened here?

03-09-2009, 09:30 PM
Could be a cache file issue. Save your project out and clear the timeline. Once you cleared the timeline right-click in the file bin and choose clean missing files and clean temporary files. Then reload your project; make sure to wait for all the clips to finish conforming before trying to play it. Also when you record try to save as dv type 2 since it records uncompressed pcm for the audio.