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Digital Video
08-14-2003, 05:04 PM
Working with Vegas Video in conjunction with VT3 is the best of both world. But Toaster is ahead of it's time for a lot of features. A few improvements for publicity guy like me who has to make a couple of tv ads a week, some effects like Motion Blur or being able to take a title in PSD with an Alpha channel and add a transition when it's overlaying another clip will be trmendous add-on for me. I know that you can do the layering thing, but you have to render it first in RTV and do a little magic to make it work... Is this the kind of things Toaster want to improve in the future?

BTW: I receive a client today with a M2V extension to his clip...I was not able to open anywhere...But in the Toaster!!!

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Éric Nolin
Digital Video

French guy who make its best...:rolleyes: