View Full Version : OT - Firewire drives now hang XP after semi-related fiasco

Tom Wood
02-25-2009, 10:16 PM
My production machine has two external firewire drives that are now causing WinXP Pro to hang at the load screen with the moving blue bars. If I leave them powered off, XP will load, and then I can power the drives up. Prior to this 'event' I would power them up, then turn on the machine, and it would find them and be happy. The way it is now, the machine indexes them each time, which is slow and annoying. How do I get the machine to recognize these external drives as part of its family again?

This started after Time Warner sold me a speed upgrade to the cable modem, and helpfully broke my home network to get their system working again after what they called an 'administrative error' on their end. My production machine has an ethernet cable to my web-surfing machine, which has wireless to the router. The wireless and the LAN were bridged and their tech support talked me into un-bridging them, which I think is what started me down this road. In any case, I can get the network to work again in both configurations, but I've clearly done something to mess up the Win XP config. I made the changes to the network with my production machine off, so it's no surprise that it got confuzzled at the changes to the network, but I can't understand why it hates the firewire drives now.