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08-14-2003, 01:58 PM
So any news on PAL availability? I have seen many posts that say the VT3 NTSC version supports PAL now and also a post by Paul Lara stating that the VT2 DVE's work fine with VT3. Put the two together then you have VT3 for PAL! but its still not available!

So either A: Newtek cannot supply it in Europe for some legal reason, B: Newtek is giving priority to the US and will only ship to Europe when its totally satisfied that everyone in the US has there toaster, C: There is a bug in the code somewhere that makes it unreliable for PAL usage (unlikely as I have seen several posts from US users saying it works just fine)

If you go to www.newtek-europe.com there is no mention of VT3. UK distribution companies have this sort of thing on the site: "Upgrade to Video Toaster [3] Software - Pre-order only - will be shipped when available."

This is a wake up call Newtek people do edit video in Europe! It may not be as big as the US but you have absolutely no market penetration here at all therefore the opportunity is huge. Most people in video I meet have never heard of the Video Toaster (even the original as it was only NTSC) I have just teamed up with a producer over here to do post work on some of his TV drama work and he was very dubious about my edit suite until I forced him to take a look at it. With products that sell themselves it would only take the smallest amount of effort to promote them but it always seems that to NT Europe is just an after thought. I can remember it taking two whole number version releases to get Lightwave to play back at 25 frames /sec in previews. (Again probably because at the time there was only 1 or 2 places you could get lightwave and no one was using it) I realise NT must do the best they can for the largest user base but they must understand they will never have a user base over here unless they pay us some attention.

Any way that far more then I wanted to write Iím just pissed because I was supposed to be down the pub tonight but my plans fell through. Rant over sorry everyone.

08-15-2003, 01:54 AM
You might have better luck posting in the Toaster section of the forum.


08-15-2003, 03:34 AM
Very sorry had started the PUB activities in anticipation before I posted forgot where I was and what I was doing (that would be normal then) Have now posted over in the VT section but for some reason cant delete this thread so please ignore it until the moderators get here.

08-15-2003, 06:42 AM
Paul Lara Told me that Newtek Europe
Was Finalising the Manuals for distribution in Europe.

But why could we have not had a staged release
The English version which require no translation and the Europe
localisation when it was done