View Full Version : Audio Start Time... problem in Graph Editor

02-24-2009, 11:09 AM
Just noticed this because I'm working on job with some audio.
In the scene editor I load a sound file, everything is fine, I can play it, I can see it in the timeline and dope track, and in the background of the graph editor.
Then I needed to delay the start of the audio so I went back into the scene editor, and set the "Audio Start Time..." to 13 frames, roughly half a second. In the timeline and dope track the waveform shifts to the right to reflect the change, BUT when I open the graph editor, the audio waveform hasn't shifted at all, it still starts at frame 0. What gives?

It's easy enough to work round, by editing the audio and adding the offset to the sound file in an external audio editing program then reloading it and not using the "Audio Start Time..." feature, but have I stumbled across a bug here?

Oh btw, I'm using 9.5 on XP64 and can't/don't want to upgrade till after this job has finished. It's one of my golden rules.

Maybe they've already addressed it in 9.6.

Do any of you guys have the same problem? Should I submit a bug report, or does anyone know if it been fixed already?


02-24-2009, 12:11 PM
I have the same issue. Not a show-stopper but irritating.