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02-24-2009, 08:59 AM
the 1st time you post this steps i did follow it & it worked with me.
* Just load the FBX scene you've downloaded and save it as a standard .lws
* Now load the scene I've attached
* Now do a load from scene and choose the FBX file you've just converted to lws, in the panel that opens just pick the entry at the bottom, "Merge only motion envelopes"

That FBX should now be attached to the figure in the scene - no fuss, no muss.

You can take it further, and replace the stock character with the other character model we have in there to show how bones aren't bound to objects.

now i am having a job with many character walking & i am not able to make it work !! don't know why??
i just remember that it was working during the 9.6 beta cycle & now i am using the 9.6 final copy!!
i am under pressure now as i was depending to populate the scene with many character with motion..please help this is a production project i am working one right now.
we even did try to import animated character from 3D max via FBX & it is not working at all..
please help me by clearing any dependable work flow to finish my project.
this is my email [email protected]

02-25-2009, 12:03 AM
Two ways;

1) Do the procedure for each of the characters that you want in the scene. (If you know scripting, you can automate some of this. Replacing the characters in the FBX scene with your characters for instance) then merge the separate scenes into a single scene with Merge from Scene.

2) Do not merge the scene, but rather output the scenes in multiple parts and composite them together.