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02-24-2009, 03:55 AM

I've model a character in Modo (I'm more friendly with this soft).
Then I've create an animation of a skeleton under LifeForm 4 (http://www.charactermotion.com) . So I got A bones hierarchy with keyframe animation from the frame 0 to 32 (frame 0 was a restPose / bindPose for me).

Export that animation as a LWS file.

And now in Layout, I've "replace with object" the root by the LWO character file. So at this time my character got is animation deform from the child skeleton. Everything works well Except that this skeleton got different proportion than the character Object.

So how do I translate, rotate, scale this skeleton at the RestPose / BindPose in order to match the character geometry ?

Can I offset all my animation curve using the RestPose as an effector on all my animation key frame in order to prevent some big rotation arm tweaks for exemple ?

I mean the Skeleton rest pose got is Arm Vertically when my character arms was at 45...
If I rotate the skeleteon rest pose to a correct rotation then my animation will present mean offset rotation on my arms, adding some passthrough in the torso during the animation. Isn't it ?

please be clear as possible I'm a new user of :lwicon:

Here the LWS (http://skeeter.mot.free.fr/cgtalkupload/LWRig/Walk.lws) Animation scene and the character OBJ (http://skeeter.mot.free.fr/cgtalkupload/LWRig/PersoBrutVeryLD.obj) file as a proportion test ( not definitive character ).

PS: Ok for the OBJ there is no Weightmap but I've done that for the LWO final file :)

02-24-2009, 08:36 AM
You dont always need weight maps anyway since LW bones are already deformers.
Your model should have a REST pose that your bones conform to.
This makes it easier to tweak the rig when its in a rest position.
The deformations are also dependant on the REST position, REST orientation and REST length of the bones.
What I would do is import the rig into LW and then kill all the motions off it. Tweak it to fit the character. Reimport the rig again and copy the motions from the old rig to the new rig. I usually do this with IKBoost because copying the motions is a two click process. There are other ways but generally are a bit more teidous to do.