View Full Version : SubDivision Two Point Poly Chains - Extrude with weights

08-14-2003, 03:45 AM
Did anyone say rabbit... er I mean HAIR?

Think of eyelashes (and nasal hair) that are a pain to densely
populate but need at least 5 or so segments to pull the effect off
and even more when close up.
If we could have a meta-nurb like/spline like sub-division feature
for two point poly chains (minimum of 3 points/2 polys) then we
could have much fewer polys in modeler/layout and accomplish
the same effect as if there were finely divided poly chains.

I was also wondering about extruding a cross section on these
poly chains, with weight map as a taper function, within layout
at render time.
Point selection sets could also be used too with the root points
set at 100% (un-tapered) and the tips set to what ever you need
20% etc... with auto smooth inbetween.

With extrude turned off (i.e. normal poly lines) then having the
poly line render thickness driven by camera distance etc this
would allow for some interesting effects.

The ability to choose from 2 to 8 sided polys for the extrusion
cross section would allow flat objects (grass etc) and smoothly
rounded objects (stalks etc) to be modeled with ease and rendered
from within layout.
Here you could exploit weight maps even further to allow the thinning
or thickening of stalks etc by changing the weight values per point
along the poly chains...