View Full Version : Next Limit Searching For Lightwave Plugin Developers

02-15-2009, 11:24 PM
I already posted this in the 3rd Party Forum, but it occured to me that this is it's porper home. Sorry if you've already read this.

Next Limit have recently posted on www.realflowforum.com their desire for external programmers to be involved in development for plugins that link Realflow, Next Limit's fluids and dynamics simulation software and major 3D applications including Lightwave. Please see the following link:-


I help moderate the forum and use Lightwave exclusively for my 3D work (much in conjunction with Realflow funnily enough) and would be delighted to see some, if not all of you talented Lightwave plugin developers put together a fantastic Realflow<>Lightwave plugin.

Up to recently, Next Limit have developed their plugins in-house so this is an ideal time to get Lightwave as it stands, and Lightwave Core as it develops talking to Realflow 4 (and subsequent versions) with the benefit of extensive inside knowledge of Lightwave.

I hope you coding wizards can get stuck in.


ps - No, I'm in no way affiliated to Next Limit. I just love Lightwave and Realflow.