View Full Version : 3D Coat on Sale through Tonight (02/15/09) Only!

02-15-2009, 11:59 AM
Hey guys, just thought I'd mention that through MacDeal, the Mac version of 3d Coat is currently on sale for $75. (Retail $140) Sounds an excellent deal.


02-15-2009, 12:51 PM
Hold the phone .. is that version 2.1? Hasn't v3 already been announced?

*searches* I got an email about it see below -

I would clarify if you will have to shell out more money in the next month before buying ..... I -guess- the worst case is you pay 140 instead of 200, not so bad ..

3D-Coat V.3.0 features & discount program announced.

Kiev, December 12, 2008

Pilgway studio is glad to inform the new version 3D-Coat 2.10.17 which accumulates all service updates since 3DC 2.10 is available now. Compared to previous installments of the program, 3DC 2.10.17 gained a list of improvements including among others:
- Full 64-bit support (Windows only)
- Better compatibility with Corel Paint Shop Pro and other PSD-editors
- Better compatibility with Modo and Poser
- Possibility to clone through all layers
- and many more...

Find the full list of features introduced with 3D-Coat 2.10.17 here:10->15 and 15->17.
However the key news today is the official announcement of 3D-Coat V.3.0!!

Within a couple of months (first quarter 2009) Pilgway Studio plans to launch 3D-Coat V.3.0 featuring volumentric sculpting – VS (see VS Gallery and Presentation)
Two main features of 3DC V.3.0 are:
- Volumentric sculpting
- Direct painting over low-poly model. It allows users to get the best quality of painting.

3D-Coat V 3.0 will be priced 200$ throughout 30 days starting from the release date, whereas the price increase will follow subsequently. For customers who have purchased 3D-Coat 2.** before September 15, 2008 the Upgrade from V.2 to V.3.0 will cost 80$ and for 3D-Coat 2.** customers who bought after September 15 the Upgrade to V.3.0 will cost 60$.

02-16-2009, 12:34 PM
I wish I saw this yesterday... doh!