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08-13-2003, 02:12 PM
Sunday, Aug 17 2003, 2pm

Josh Bodinet-Nonaco

Josh will be showing a customized plug-in for LightWave. "What we offer are services aided by our proprietary plug-ins", Josh says. " The aim of these services is to provide one step (for the artist) lenticular imaging. If you are not familiar with lenticular imaging, a lenticular image is like a full color, fully three dimensional hologram made using plastic and print instead of glass. Our services come in two flavors. One is available now, the other is due out shortly. The first is a 'Standard' service. This is the service currently available. With our 'Standard' service, an artist can acquire lenticular images at two different sizes, 7" x 9" or 21" x 27". This service is meant for personal projects. An artist uses our 'Standard' plug-in to begin the process. This 'Standard' plug-in literally works at the touch of a single button. The other service we (will) provide is a professional service. To access this service, an artist must use our 'Expert' plug-in. The artist then seeks professional sizes and quantities of output from an output house that we have certified to be able to produce the actual lenticular images with our standard of quality. I say 'will' as we are a brand new company and we are still in the process of finding output houses able to handle high quality lenticular image output".

Kim Henderson from T. S Computers and Rony from Eyeon

Digital Fusion + DFX...

You know DFX is available along with the next upgrade of LightWave 3d. You also know it is a powerful composite tool and you can use all of After Effects plug ins with it. And if you didn't already know, Newtek extended the Siggraph offer, so if you are still wondering if it's "worth the upgrade" well, come and see this demo....

Bring your demo reels, work in progress, and questions. We are here to help.

See you on the 17th.