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Mr Rid
02-12-2009, 07:59 PM
1. 'IK Bind' - does not appear to do anything(?)

2. 'Auto Bind' and 'auto apply' - what do these do? I dont see either in the 9.6 IKB docs.

3. 'Re-bindMotion-all' - what does this do? I dont see in the docs.

4. 'set/get/clear rig as comments' - Not in the docs.

5. 'Motion Copy' and 'Motion Rollback' - what do these do? Not in the docs.

6. 'Make Key' and 'Copy Key' - is there a difference? They appear to do exactly the same thing.

7. When loading a motion, 'Start Frame' does not appear to affect anything(?). No matter what value I enter, the loaded motion starts at frame 0.

8. 'Pre/Post Mix Frames' - what do these do? Do not appear to affect anything and are not in the docs.

8. 'Apply Keys' - options do not appear to affect anything(?).

9. 'Dynamic Effect' - does not appear to work on a selected frame range but always affects the entire scene frame range(?).

10. 'Bind Motion' - what does this do?

11. Booster Link- can not get it to work(?). I try to say Booster link the rotation of a bone to follow the X motion, or Pitch of a null (with boost modifier)... nothing.

Seems like this kind of thing could be more straightforward to set up in one panel-

1- select 'driver/lead' item, 2- select channel, 3- select value/%

4- select 'follower' item, 5- select channel, 6- select value/%, 7- offset


12. Bone Dynamics-
a. Options- Close and re-open Options panel and the selected group disappears.

b. Need groups per item, rather than one group for whole scene.

c. Wish that bones would self-collide.

d. 'Edit Dynamics' - need a numeric field for entering exact dynamic values. Dragging the mouse is not too accurate.

e. I wish the collision item properties like 'roughness, friction, stick' would affect. Bounce is the only option.

13. I wish there was at least an optional property window with all IKB controls that could remain open instead of always having to R-click drag to access each function.

02-13-2009, 12:08 AM
Heres some links to some things that may help.