View Full Version : Screamernet options for 9.6?

02-09-2009, 05:26 PM
Hi guys,

I'm looking into how network rendering works in the latest Lightwave, and it's getting me concerned. All the available net rendering options don't seem to have been updated since version 9.3.1 and many of the free ones haven't been updated in, like... years.

I read that 9.5 made some major changes to how net rendering works, so I'm wondering what available render managers will work reliably with 9.6?

I'm on an all mac intel network, so it has to run on the mac. I've gotten Lightnet running successfully in crossover (WINE), but it hasn't been updated in years, so I don't want to keep pursuing it if it won't work even in windows. :)

Any ideas?

Oh! Also, are there any limitations to network rendering with the trial? I don't want to run into trial-related issues and think I'm doing something wrong. :)