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08-13-2003, 08:56 AM
FlipFactory have Delivery to ClipMail:
Allows users to specify delivery to a remote ClipMail Pro or ClipExpress appliance directly from FlipFactory for high-quality MPEG receive/playback capability anywhere in the world.


The idea is to add to VT3 a program aplication with the same features that FF or TeleStream (Telestream delivers video software and hardware solutions to simplify
media encoding and delivery)

So i can edit ad finish a program > convert to compressed format > send it to another country with a "easy to use ftp-mail aplication" and... play the video in another VT3 machine.

Folder Monitoring simplifies submission of source media:
Built-in automatic monitoring of local, network and FTP folders for arrival of new media, then automatic submission of media to an associated factory.
Monitors also available for video servers, ClipMail appliances, and media delivery systems. Save media directly to folders for automatic submission to a factory or simply drag/drop media into a factory.


Never ship a tape again! ClipMail Pro™ is the professional digital media delivery solution.

It's a smart, simple delivery appliance that acquires media from virtually any source. ClipMail Pro™ encodes to MPEG, and transmits to any Telestream appliance or FTP server, anywhere.

You choose the transmission speed and video quality you want - from approval to digital master. And because ClipMail Pro™ uses "store and forward" rather than streaming technology, quality will never be affected by transmission speed.

ClipMail Pro™ eliminates the expense and inconvenience of shipping services and satellite time!

Send and receive approval to master quality video
Deliver over any global IP network connection
Industry-standard MPEG1 and MPEG2 technology
Contribution station for Telestream's FlipFactory™
As easy to use as a fax or email!
Interested in controlling ClipMail from a third party application? Many customers are doing it now! Ask us about our API. email: [email protected]

08-29-2003, 10:47 AM