View Full Version : Maya-to-Lightwave UV bug?

02-07-2009, 12:05 AM
I've been experimenting with this all day and can't find a solution. It appears that any mesh I import from Maya will come in with Uvs that can't be interpolated.

For those of you with maya, please try this:

Make a quick object in Maya (A box will do, just as long as it has Uvs). Export it to Lightwave. Lwo or Obj, it doesn't matter. Then change the interpolation of the Uv map from linear to subpatch.

When you hit the tab key to turn the mesh into a subdv, the polygons in the uv texture window will change to look like I just planar mapped the mesh, but yet the actual texture on the mesh doesn't change.

That appears to be a visual glitch, but most importantly, the uvs will not interpolate with the mesh. So basically any mesh I import from maya will result in distorted UVs if I attempt to use subdivision surfaces.

Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any workarounds? All the uv points appear to come in discontinuous, but welding the uvs doesn't seem to matter at all.

It's entirely possible the issue comes from Maya's exporters and not Lightwave, since native lw objects don't seem to have this issue. But right now I just have no real idea...

I'm exporting from Maya 2008 to Lightwave 9.6 Trial on OSX (Leopard). I've tried both Pointoven and Maya's native obj exporter.