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02-06-2009, 03:26 AM
I do not want this post to be rude, just want to explain my concerns, and that I am worried little bit.

Demo was two days ago.

Was very bad, not because of background, there was absolutely no wow effect. More, list of features without this video would make much better impression. I think that there would be little bit of disappointment but most of us is truly excited about all this features. No one would complain too much.

Sales started yesterday. And I guess, are going not too bad... we trust you. I paid 395$ too, and I am telling you, my girlfriend was not happy that I did it before payday. :)

Then yesterday Luxology put online new Modo 401 demo page. Well, what they did, fur and even more instancing, nothing really, but presentation quality… you seen it all, there will be probably cool and funny podcast about this update soon on Luxology website. But, in my opinion, that should be Modo 333 tops, maybe 348. No 401, that is just simply not enough. My point is being, they even put hi res mov files and website did not crashed (but – yes, I could not watch movies, Luxology server was too busy, but did not crashed.

We heard sorry, that is ok, but well, there was no need (as long as developer team heard sorry as well, those are real victims(!)). But everyone makes mistakes, we do understand. What we really need now is some damage control! Now!

Whole last week I was doing enormous amount of overtime, because one of co-workers gave me very bad quality source files. To be honest I am doing 13-15 hours a day. I need to meet the deadline, and I am not sure if I will be paid additional money. Do not get me wrong. I am not telling people from Newtek to stop seeing theirs families for next two weeks, but now we and 3d world need those top banana videos, at least one per day. Three, four skilled guys in 8 hours can do really good presentation of one feature. Even if you start from interface… do it, do it now. I do not need CORE today, I need excitement, WOW factor, my job is my hobby. I demand to see something soon, not next week/month… and I am not alone, it will boost sales 50 times, I promise. You know that this is so obvious.

I do not want to wait, who knows how long… this is even more depressing than first impression, and I can bet you need it, you need this forum boiling with excitement, not sarcasm and not fully deserved complains… I can bet that developers did great job and even if you have empty platform lacking 90% percent of features show it. Show, how much you already did, even if it is not too much… do you remember 5 minutes long video tutorial about partially implemented snapping in Layout? Did anyone complained? No.

We need something, we need now! My credit card been charged, I want to see, at least sneak peek of what I and few hundreds of other customers paid for.

Do not get me wrong – I bet I am crossing line here little bit… but I am so desperate to see something, and I am so not alone. Looks like I am running circles now… :D

Sorry for my English is a mixture of too high adrenaline levels in my bloodstream and the fact that I moved to England just three years ago. :)

02-06-2009, 04:13 AM
You almost sound like you're trying to change the deal after the deal has been made.
Newtek laid out what information they were going to give you and they gave you the option of upgrading now. They also said that more information would be forthcoming and that the beta would start within weeks.
But now that you've paid and now that Modo 401 has been partly leaked you've decided you can't actually wait for more information and you need something now?
That's usually not how it works.

02-06-2009, 04:28 AM
I bought CORE because I am addict. I did not notice any agreement. Want to see it now. Considering flaying to States and breaking in to Newtek office just to play with CORE whole night long and then being deported back to Europe first thing in the morning.

But I will go thru all stages, explaining, intimidating, blackmailing and begging... but I think my arguments are good, your arguments are dangerously close to telling any software user that she/he shall not ask for earlier 'point number' free update and bug fix...

I want to see anything sooner then later. You know I can’t be ask to explain myself.

02-06-2009, 04:58 AM
I agree with Soth about videos. There should be more videos to lure more people. Even if we see just what Jonas showed us I'd want to see it in HD resolution so i can see it properly instead that very compressed and small video which had unreadable letters/interface. Remember when Jonas started to explaining about work plane and talked about Ground plane gird I hardly could see that one until he made a BOX. That's just because compression of video is so bad :(.


02-06-2009, 08:27 AM
From the apology letter it stated that they didn't get to show everthing they wanted to because of the streaming issues incurred. And even in Jay's presentation part, he said this wasn't everything, and there is more to come.

But I am in Soth's boat... I want to see more! And I hope sooner then a 9 day count down! Grr I tell you Grrr! (yes I stole that one... ...and that one too.)