View Full Version : Layout Dynamic Update flashing (making my eyes puke!)

02-05-2009, 08:27 AM
Hi all.

When I set 'Dynamic Update' in Display Prefs to 'Interactive' and I start to move an object the selected object is nice and smooth but everything else flashes on and off really fast as I move which obviously makes my head explode and my eyes puke simultaneously. Setting it back to 'Delayed' fixes the problem but obviously is more difficult and time consuming to do minor adjustments etc as you have to stop and start all the time to see exactly where the object has moved to in relation to other objects etc.

I have done numerous searches here and on the nets for similar posts but nothing. Apologies if thereís something obvious Iím missing. Is it a Mac graphics card issue maybe? Iím using an NVidia GeForce 880 GT with 512mb VRam in OS 10.5.5

Any help would be greatly appreciated.