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01-31-2009, 04:26 AM
Lets you get the synch data from the current working directory, not sure if something changed in 7`s VueSynch.p but if you keep different content dirs per project LF_VueSynch (http://www.vuescripts.com/_A/index.php?id=25,67,0,0,1,0) will now track the current dir

01-31-2009, 06:18 PM
You need Vues VueSynch.p plugin installed, LF_VueSynch is not a replacement, just a helper

the options for use current content dir tell the script where to look for the VESync.dat file, if you set it to yes it will always look in the current content dir. If you set it to no then you have to specify where the script will find the VESync.dat file by pointing the VEsync.dat file requester in LF_VueSynch to where the dat file is.

LF_VueSynch then copies the dat file into the folders specified by the other requesters in LF_VueSynch

Earlier versions of Vues VueSync.p would always put the VESynch.dat file in a strange place, for instance if you had Vue5 installed then installed Vue6 the VESync.dat file would be found in the Vue5 folder and you had to import it into Vue6.

If you only have Vue6 installed then I think the dat file goes to the content dir and you have to use Vue/Animation/Import Synchronisation data

The current version of Vues VueSynch.p only appears to put the VESync.dat file into the current Content dir from where you would have to import it into Vue7 or by only using the VueSynch.p you can export it into the VueApp folder where Vue will detect it.

LF_VueSynch saves you from the hassle of importing the VESync.dat file

02-05-2009, 01:19 PM
bugfix, if you only had one VueApp you might have been getting errors, now fixed and will track Content Dir changes immediately if that option is enabled,

same download as first post