View Full Version : Moderation Notice - August 12, 2003

08-12-2003, 12:46 PM
A great deal of energy and angst has been expended for a long time over speculations that are simply not productive. We've let this continue for a reasonable amount of time so that the community can vent, but it is time to put closure to this subject on the NewTek forums. These forums are for the discussion of NewTek products by NewTek users. Comparison discussions between NewTek products currently shipping and competing products currently shipping will be moved to the General Discussion Section of the board. Speculations on competing products that are not shipping or regarding past political events around LightWave will need to find a home elsewhere, as they will be removed here. Promotional messages and material for competing products will also be removed. The user accounts of those who demonstrably have no purpose on the NewTek forums other than to promote competing products will also be removed.

Notice from 7/18/03

The NewTek Forums are not a free speech zone, they are for professional and civil discourse regarding NewTek products by NewTek users. Those who are unable to stick to topic or unable to maintain civil conversation with others will have their accounts removed.

Moderation decisions are not subject to public discussion. If you have comments, send an email or private message to the moderators.