View Full Version : Confused about installation

Hector Pascalid
01-25-2009, 07:31 AM

I am trying to follow Newteks's guidelines for installing the update and I'm confused about the configuration files.

first of all:

*By the time of the installation I had also version 9 and 9.3 on my applications folder.

*I am installing 9.6 CFM.

*9.6 installs fine, I've got the license key sorted. Both Layout and Modeler launch fine.

*The problem is, on the 9.6 Programs folder, the layout command line and the modeler command line are absent. So I can't create new config files.

*Both the 9 and 9.3 Programs folder have a modeler command line and a layout command line. (I haven't done anything to those).

Any Ideas?