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01-24-2009, 01:49 AM
I don't want to start a war over ooh, how bad is the DivX format and waahwaahwaah. If you don't like Divx, keep your trap shut, please.

I would just like to know if there's a magic way of letting LW see the new format I just purchased, so I can encode my animations straight from LW and not have to start up Divx converter first?

I just purchased the DivX 7.0 Pro upgrade and I can only see DivX 6.8 in my format list in LWs save options. And that's only in 32bit. In LW 9.6 64bit, there's no divx option in the list of avi formats :thumbsdow

The Dommo
01-24-2009, 05:34 AM
It's probably worth removing DivX 6.x if you ahve 7 installed.

You won't see DivX in 64bit mode as it's not a 64bit compatible codec (so won't work from within a 64bit app). If you want to sue DivX then probably best to render as frames first (or uncomrpessed AVI) and then convert to DivX.

DivX7 should be pretty good - it was before, on it's MPEG4 H.263 codec, but now they've finally moved to H.264 it should be even better still.

01-24-2009, 02:19 PM
I am aware that divx isn't 64bit, Dommo :)

I wrote the DivX team about the posibilty of going 64bit and they told me, that they'd contact NT about it, because apparently it's LW that has the problem of seeing Divx in the 64bit version. Seems they haven't pursued this any further. Bummer, but what the hey..... I've gotten used to rendering to image sequences first, taking it into LW 32bit and outputting to divx.

Though I'm a bit annoyed by having to render to sequences in LW 64bit and then take it into either Divx converter or LW 32bit to convert, it's seems a loong way around.

The Dommo
02-09-2009, 06:53 AM
I can understand the frustration, but....
there are benefits to rendering to frames first:

You can check over your outputted DivX (or whatever file) and if you've not got optimum compression settings, either too crappy or actually you can reduce the bitrate, you can very quickly re-encode again in second rather than have to render the whole thing again from LW.

So unless you have everything perfect and thefore the 2 steps for encoding (render, then encode later) is anoying, actually it can work out extremely well - especially if other formats are required eg. WMV, Quicktime etc

02-09-2009, 09:15 AM
I can totally see the benefits of rendering to frames :) And I'm getting used to having to do it that way, but it took a long time to not mind the extra steps to complete the animations. If I worked for a studio, I'd have no problem with rendering to frames and being able to apply miscellaneous effects in post. But I don't and never will :)

But what the hell, I just bought a 1TB HDD, so I have enough space for the animation frames now. I certainly didn't before :)