View Full Version : lw scene weirdness motion mixer

01-23-2009, 12:40 PM
Motion mixer will not bake the scene - click o the MM timeline crashes - the one thing i know is that it seems to be for some reason selecting descendents and creating actor does not include all the child objects and no ikb channels and that crashes LW8.5 when i try to bake the motion back to the timeline. - if i just open the same scene and go into MM and click on its timeline it crashes too . other scenes import all the channels associated with the actor and do not crash - ????

is there some reason why i get so many total crashes - back to desktop with
LW8.5 and winXP professional - P4 intel 850emv motherboard???? I never got many crashes with LW7.5 - and many things with bones especially crash all the way out with 8.5 - there is a slight wait period and then LW goes down.
thanks for any notions as to why or how to fix the char. in both scenes seem to be setup the same??

01-26-2009, 06:07 AM
got it - it was the subpatched mesh on some certain char. that crashes for some reason -- maybe some codeheads might know more as to why.

after narrowing it down - i froze them and the crash went away! the problem may have showed up because i created them while running under demo mode when my vt card was down - they were limited to the 400 points and scattered across several layers and then flattened to 1 layer after the card was replaced. thanks to the newtek crew