View Full Version : Is there a way to re-number skelegons (and polys)?

02-24-2003, 11:07 PM
I've had to split a couple of skelegons in a chain and now the chains selection order is all screwed up. Is there a way to re-order the chain so that it works like it should (selecting one bone, then toggle up or down the chain sequentially rather than popping to random bones all over the chain)?

And another possibly related question (since skelegons are basically polys) - can you re-number points or polys order? It sure would come in handy when modifying models and morph targets, especially when the model is going through alot of edits... I thought that selecting polys in the desired order, then cut and pasting these would re-order them, but it doesn't seem to.

I'm using both PC (XP) and Mac (X), so it's not a OS specific question.

I'm still fairly new to LightWave so if there is a better way to approach this, please feel free to share.