View Full Version : BUG? ObjectList object replacement

08-12-2003, 12:31 AM
I was fooling around with ObjectList as a way to simulate a proxy object implementation (LW7.5c PC). I'm specifying a text file name which is the same as the object file I have the plugin assigned to a null, which I want to replace at frame 0 (when the scene is rendered). I'm saving the .txt file to the Scene folder.

This works fine right after setting it up, so I know I have the format of the .txt file right -- but the path to the .txt file does not get saved to the scene file. :confused:

Of course, I'd rather have LW formalize the concept of a draft vs. final render with control over "Use Proxy Objects and Images" like After Effects has for imagery only... :)

08-12-2003, 07:53 AM
Since when did LW EVER save paths to files in a 'normal' manner.
IMHO the most unpleasant bit of baggage that LW is carrying from it's AMIGA days is the arcane 'content directory' and all that goes with it.
I dont want to save all my motion files in one directory called 'motions', and all my images in a gargantuan directory called 'images', and every object I ever made in a mega directory called 'objects'. I want to save everthing pertaning to a project within a master directory for that project, so that it can all get backed up, archived, recovered etc neatly and easily.