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01-19-2009, 11:45 AM
NewTek is pleased to announce that the fifth free update to LightWave v9, for Windows 32-/64-bit and Mac OS X CFM and UB will be available shortly on the My Downloads page. This new release offers a huge boost to stability with over 625 issues corrected and feature requests implemented, along with parity between the Windows and Mac OS X versions.

Among the new benefits LightWave v9.6 offers artists are:

FiberFX Cloning - Provides the ability to place multiple instances of hair on the same object
Layout Snapping - Allows the quick connection of one item to another, saving time and additional steps
Ray Cutoff - Enables artists to decide at what point to stop further ray bounces when rendering a scene with a great deal of reflections, refractions and transparency, saving significant project time
New and Improved Buffers for Export - Enables multi-pass pipeline users to output more buffers (layers) in high dynamic range, rather than be limited to 8 bpc (bits per channel), for greater flexibility
Multi-Threaded Pixel Filters - Provides faster rendering for projects that integrate pixel filters
Depth Buffer Normalizing - Allows 3D scene elements exported into film or video footage to automatically blend properly, even if moving relative to one another
Open to Other Render Engines - Other rendering engines conforming to the LightWave v9.6 SDK can be used directly from within the LightWave interface
Three New Nodes

Car Paint: Greatly eases the creation of a complex polished surface
Flake: A procedural texture based upon the flakes often seen in car paint
Curve: Allows the creation of complex gradients
Drag and Drop - Allows an icon of an object or scene to be directly dropped into the Modeler or Layout window to load

“LightWave's strengths lie largely in its straightforward workflow which makes it possible for a single artist to take a shot from conception through modeling and animation on to the final shot and its powerful and easy to use modeler.”

“In 9.6, you can set the near and far points to output a consistent z buffer. This is very useful for artists doing '3D' compositing.”

“LightWave 9.6 has had a lot of 'under the hood' work done to the render engine to improve speed but also to improve efficiency. The render statistics window showed the global illumination calculation taking almost half as much time under 9.6 as it did under 9.5.”
-- Digital Media Net

Once the download is posted I will be back with an announcement here in the forums. We appreciate how supportive the members of this community are to NewTek and LightWave and want you to be the first to gain access to the software. We will post to other forums, newsgroups and send an email communication to a wider registered owner list in the coming days.

Speak to you again shortly.

The Dommo
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double post - reported :P

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Looking forward to having the gold in my hands. :D

01-19-2009, 02:06 PM
Awesome release! And just in time to use on a new project. I couldn't be happier.. well, unless of course Jay spilled some LWX beans for us.