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01-17-2009, 08:08 PM
Most of you know that you can put the i-VGA input full resolution using the VGA 2nd monitor/Projector port and selcting Take.
Great that it displays full screen, full res but you can not capture your production from here as it is after program out.
2nd problem is it is full screen and covers up what ever you have going out of the switcher including a LiveSet.

So if capturing the production is not a problem or you have a way of taking the VGA output and capturing it, then read on.

VGA allows us to key black, white and user defined color.
So the trick is to make a solid color to key with like green.
In a Power point presentation, not a problem as you can scale your slides to view on wherever you need too on a green back ground.

But what if you need to show a web page under two PIP boxes of people talking about the web page?
You need to shrink the web page to fit under the 2 PIP boxes and have it over green to key out and overlay via VGA.
This is no easy task conventionally because you would have to change your computers desktop green, hide task bar and size down your browser.
Oh and remove all icons on the desktop as well.
Not a pretty picture.

So the other way it using a free Power Point add-in called, your not going to believe this, Live Web.
Once you add Live Web to Power Point, all you need do is create a slide with a green back ground and click on Add-Ins, Live Web.
Type in the web page you want and then uncheck refresh.
Make the size 100% and place on bottom center (for my example).
Now select run show and hit OK.
it takes a little to come up but once it does, you now have a interactive web page with a green screen playing full screen.
So now go back to VGA setup and make sure you choose the green to key and hit Take in VGA window.
This will pass the i-VGA full resolution to your VGA port 2nd monitor/projector port.
And because green is keyed out, the two PIP boxes are now visible on top.

The free Live Web add-in can be found here:

Good luck and take care,

02-22-2009, 12:02 AM
Thanks for your guide

03-31-2010, 12:09 AM
Do you have any screenshot of this running? I understand what you are doing in PPT but not sure how you use this with a liveset.


03-31-2010, 08:16 AM
The LiveSet is custom to have a dual box higher up and separated so up and one to the left and one to the right leaving middle and lower available. It also has a fixed background. Now in Power Point, you use LiveWeb to bring the web page into a slide and place it on a solid color like lime green (you need to pick a very strange color so that when the key is enabled, you don't get leaks. You could also try a shade of grey and then use that same color as the background in the LiveSet. This way if the color is in the web page and leaks through, the background color will show through and could match and not look so bad). Now when you enable the VGA key out to the projector, the projector will display the LiveSet with the two boxes, live & effects and the iVGA overlayed and keyed to display the LiveSet. The audience see's a high res version of the Power Point presentation as well as the presenters or what ever is in the dual boxes. A TriCaster recording of the production, if needed would need to be designed differently or left alone and the Power Point slides/web page could be added in post at an HD resolution and mimic the VGA output.
I will see if the client I designed this for will allow me to show a screen shot if this did not clarify the work flow.